A Glimpse of the Misty Isles of the Eld

After four months of struggle, the Misty Isles of Eld draft manuscript is done, done, done. The tough editing and revision cycle begins (both Dunes and Marlinko went through 7-8 editing iterations over roughly two month periods).

Below is an excerpt, a letter from the wereshark lord Ondrj in the Dunes to his daughter, a patron who, as one of the possible adventure hooks, hires the party to accompany her raiding expedition on the Isles. Her goal, the flying god-torture/antiorgone amplifier Monument Five, is one of four “dungeons” in MIE.

The accompanying art pieces are just a sample of many evocative illustrations from the fecund mind of Luka Rejec.

My dearest, dearest of daughters,
Please find enclosed the translated fragments of the Eld memorandum we discussed over dinner at that charmingly-delightful sack of Port Muth last month. (I hope the two remoralings I made a present of are nuzzling to your satisfactions.)

While your target, Monument Five (or M5), was originally constructed and styled as The Dextral Inductance of Yrneh, a monument to commemorate the Eld’s enduring commitment to their own self-regard [an endless meta-theme and cycle in Eld cultural life], the budget-conscious and utterly boorish Sub-Colonel Zogg the Kelp-Tentacled has been gradually retooling the winged concrete monstrosity as a dual-functioning antiorgone and mauve-odic energy amplifier.

You shan’t miss its levitating presence once inside the exterior mist maze.

Your devoted father,
Ondrj, Lord of the Waves, One True Sovereign of the Dunes, High Boyar of all Sharkdom

[Signature is followed by his chop. The excerpt begins on a following page.]

The vast sorcerous energies involved in shoving the Misty Isles into this plane of reality—a significant deviation from Plan X-substroke-38 leaving a time-space deficit of 100 units in the Great Ledger—depleted Sub-Colonel Zogg’s discretionary psychic budget. With current expenditures allowing only a daily maximum of 224 Eld in Zem at any given moment, a new three-pronged plan to convert the monument into a mechanism to increase bandwidth has been developed:

Prong One (Benchmark 41, Unsatisfactory)
Marshaling the raw energy of anti-orgone accumulators (an energy fueled by the release of abrupt, awkward and otherwise unsatisfying human orgasms in a 66-mile radius) scattered around the island, receptors in the monument wings were redesigned to float the monument-amplifier to the height of exactly 300 feet. M5 has currently only managed to achieve 106 feet, a terrible setback that has led to the pulping of two senior Eld psychic-technicians. (Eld agents are consequently working on an elaborate and fiendish conspiracy to immiserate the amorous lives of nearby residents as part of the correction contingency.)

Prong Two (Benchmark 72, Acceptable)
Construction of a micro-atomic reactor inside M5’s wings has proceeded mostly on plan. Supply delays from magical-uranium sources scattered on this plane have been deemed not acceptable however. Kezmarok bureau agents have further signaled a growing concern with the Turko-Fey triangulation.

Prong Three (Benchmark 4, Rudimentary)
Under the useful, but improperly-filed suggestion of Seer-Lieutenant Pahhka-Inultimatx, Eld agents working in conjunction with local strigoi Lady Szara have severed a small fraction of soul-force of the layabout space godling, the so-called Fifth Town God of Marlinko (see briefing below). Early field experiments have proven that this god-force is useful both as a fissile agent and as a supplementary energy source for M5. The incessant howling of the specimen is an unfortunate, but necessary by-product of the experiment local agents have observed.


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