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    1. Jarrod Shaw

      Hey guys, this is kickass. Cant wait to see what yall put together! If you all want Mythoard to help out with a small print run of something, let me know. We could include some in one of our monthly boxes and give yall the remainder. Anyway, just thought I’d drop you guys a line while it was fresh on my mind. Shoot me an email sometime. Cheers! Jarrod Shaw

      1. Trey Causey

        Hi Jarrod,

        We’ve been watching Mythboard with interest, so I’m glad you dropped us a message! Let me get with the guys and figure out what would work best for us and we’ll get back with you!


    2. Patrick Stuart

      Hi, it’s me, Patrick Stuart from off that blog.

      Since we are all part of the same micro-culture I’m guessing that whomever reads this might know who I am. If you don’t, I’m a writer.

      Scrap Princess and I are in the middle of creating Broken Fire Regime, a sequel of sorts to Deep Carbon Observatory. We have decided that though we like writing, drawing and creating, we are fucking awful at proof reading, layout and production. In fact we hate those things so much that we are looking to ‘sell out’ and get a publisher to do them instead of us.

      We were wondering if you wanted to be that publisher and if so, how that might work.

      1. Trey Causey

        Hey Patrick,

        Trey here. I personally would be very interested in that!

        Let me bring it up to the guys and see what they think then get back with you.

        Thanks for thinking of us.


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