Welcome to the Hydra Cooperative. We are a creator-owned publishing group focusing on the DIY and OSR roleplaying scene.

Our Authors

Our catalog includes products written by folks like Chris Kutalik, Trey Causey, and Mike Davison.

Our Products

Our product lines include everything from the Slavic-flavored acid fantasy of the Hill Cantons to the transuman space opera of Strange Stars and from the two-fisted action of Weird Adventures to the chanbara stylings of Ruins & Ronin and beyond. Browse our catalog for the full range of products we offer.

Our Mission

The Hydra Cooperative is made up of people who were already producing content for the DIY rpg scene. By joining forces, we’re pooling resources both creative and otherwise to realize goals that would have been beyond our means individually and to enable us to publish exciting, inspiring work by other creators that might not otherwise be realized or reach as wide an audience.