Welcome to the Hydra Cooperative Website and Blog!

Hello! If you’re looking for the organization with a fondness for green uniforms and world domination, I’m afraid that’s not us. We only do tabletop roleplaying games. Sorry. But check out our “Who We Are” page for a bit more about our members and what we are about. No secret passwords necessary.

Hydra got started in 2014 with a successful Kickstarter campaign for Slumbering Ursine Dunes. In 2015, we’ve added other creators to the partnership and new products. We’ve got more in store for the rest of this year and exciting things planned for 2016, too. Unlike bigger publishers, though, we don’t plan on putting out anything to fill a place in a production schedule. We’re creator-owned and creator-driven. Everything we do is a labor of love for its creator(s) and something the whole co-op fills strongly about.

Keep coming back here to the blog. It’s going to serve as a bit of unabashed promotion, sure, but we also plan to do actual content: liner notes, outtakes, behind the scenes bits, and maybe even commentary on things going on in the wider DIY rpg world.

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